Live performance for a Human and a Tesla Coil

FULGUR is a series of creations and performances built around an extremely noisy but no less fascinating instrument; the Tesla coil. Born as a development of primarily sonic and visual performance, FULGUR seeks a narrative form with body movement in a field well known to Daniel Maszkowicz, namely psychoacoustics and binaural effects on consciousness.
Daniel Maszkowicz creates multi-channel soundtracks with which he immerses his audience in a subtle hypnosis of immersions and sonified brainwaves. This time, a Tesla coil becomes a fascinating new loudspeaker, offering the opportunity to hear the sound of the air being torn apart, accompanied by the lightning that made it happen. An easy but very effective recipe when in the hands of this enlightened scientist.

Daniel Maszkowicz (Daniel Siemaszko) is a Geneva-based research engineer, film programmer, multidisciplinary performer, composer and producer. Daniel Maszkowicz works with SuperCollider and with electrical machines that were once used in various laboratories. Co-founder of the electroacoustic jazz duo INFLUUT and electroacoustic duo BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR, his solo project KOSMOSCORE uses various types of sound immersions to create multichannel sound pieces. With his machines he generates soft and noisy ambient sounds, for a brainwave immersion with multiple binaural effects.

Daniel Maszkowicz is also interested in the sonification of scientific data and autonomous sound installations. He has presented his work internationally and has contributed to several original soundtracks and publications. He gives seminars with a view at the crossroads between science and art, involving the engineer and the artist. He has presented several sound installations with algorithmic musical compositions in several galleries.

  • July 19th 2023, FULGUR – Daniel Maszkowicz, Le CRIX théâtre festival sous chapiteau, Ste-Croix CH
    live music performance with a Tesla Coil
  • March 31st 2023, FULGUR – Daniel Maszkowicz, RöstiBrücke 2023, Kaserne, Basel CH
    live music performance with multiple Tesla Coils
  • May 27th-28th 2022, FULGUR – Daniel Maszkowicz, Mapping Festival 2022, Geneva CH
    live music performance with multiple Tesla Coils, link to Mapping Instagram
  • January 21st-23rd 2022, FULGUR – Daniel Maszkowicz, Geneva Lux festival 2022, Geneva CH
    Convocation des éléments sur la jetée des bains des Pâquis pour le lancement des œuvres de Geneva Lux. Illustrant la fulgurante progression humaine dans la maîtrise de la terre, de l’eau, de l’air et du feu, la pièce évoque la question énergétique en illustrant son vecteur principal : l’électricité.
    Pièce pour un humain et une bobine.
    Texte, son et mouvement par Daniel Maszkowicz
    Lecture par Nat Cilia
    Costume Faraday par Effekschmiede