Daniel Maszkowicz

psychoacoustics | brainwaves | ASMR noise

Function Generators
lab equipment | electron acoustics | sonic waves
OscikTowicZ – solo performance and instalation
Biblioteq Mdulair – duo with Emma Souharce
Multichannel Audio/Visual Immersion
with Videos by The Robert Turner Collective
from quadraphonic to n-phonic surround
electromagnetic interferences and ASMR noise
drones and power electronics
Data Sonification Live
An Immersive Psychoacoustic Sound Performance Featuring Scientific Data and Algorithms
Live performance for a Human and a Tesla Coil
electroacoustic post jazz
duo with Nat Cilia
sleep concert marathons

Daniel Maszkowicz works on SuperCollider, bringing together an infinity of digital function generators and synthesizers for his multi-channel soundscapes. With his music, he brings the audience into an immersive hypnotic atmosphere by merging brainwave frequencies and binaural effects into an intense magma of resonating waves. Low frequency beats, psychoacoustic synthesis and complex resonance patterns are the main ingredients of this illuminated scientist.

Currently living in Geneva – Switzerland – Daniel Maszkowicz is at the same time engineering research scientist, curator for independent cinema, multidisciplinary performing artist, composer and producer. He is co-founder of electroacoustic music duos INFLUUT and Biblioteq Mdulair, co-founder of performance collective SM Noise, and founder of SZKMD film production. His solo psychoacoustic project Kosmos·core· (a.k.a Générateurs, Cosmos, Cosmic Sleep) takes several forms, from short and intense live concerts to long hypnotic marathon performances. Nowadays, he works on algorithmic sounds and installations, with an approach that brings together science and art, letting speak both the engineer and the artist.

cosmos daniel maszkowicz szkmd
Hong Kong – photo by 李致安 Klaus Lee


power générateurs daniel maszkowicz szkmd
Marseille – photo by Andrew Kötting


    • April 5th 2020 – KOSMOSCORE, BOILER MERDE, Online Stream
      In collaboration with VJ MEXX, event, youtube stream

    • July 27th 2019 – KOSMOSCORE, Norbergfestival 2019, Norberg SE
      Open-stage camp 727, live performance, recording
    • June 28th 2019 – KOSMOSCORE, BIG 2019 – Biennale des espaces d’art indépendants de Genève, Geneva CH
      Album Release Party, live performance, release page
    • June 20th 2019 – KOSMOSCORE, CRASSS, Le Zoo, L’Usine, Geneva CH
      Noise breakcore party, live performance, event
    • May 25th 2019 – KOSMOSCORE, Mai au Parc – Parachute sensoriel, Geneva CH
      live performance, event
    • April 29th 2019 – DANIEL MASZKOWICZ – Psychoacoustics, Deviant Art Festival 2019, Geneva CH
      live performance, event
      Chiang Mai, Hong Kong, Macau, Phnom Penh, Dao Xuan Chin Festival in Gam Troi Valley – Hoà Bìhn

    • November 30th 2018 – DNA 06 | Drone Noise Ambient, Kolonia Artystów, Gdańsk PL
      Open-stage, live performance, soundcloud, event
    • July 28th 2018 – MASZKOWICZ plays COSMOS & POWER ELECTRONICS, Norbergfestival 2018, Norberg SE
      Open-stage, live performance, video
    • June 29th 2018 – MASZKOWICZ plays COSMOS HIGH DOWN TO GROUND, Revolver, Taipei City
      live performance, soundcloud
daniel maszkowicz szkmd taipei city
Taipei – photo by Clémentine Gilliéron
    • June 20th 2018 – Sound Crue, SAPPORO
      COSMOS by GÉNÉRATEURS, soundcloud
    • May 5th 2018 – DANIEL MASZKOWICZ joue COSMOS by GÉNÉRATEURS, Solos, Fri-Art, Fribourg CH
      sound live performance, event, soundcloud
    • January 4th 2018 – GÉNÉRATEURS, Källarn – Bilda, Umeå SE
      live performance in quadriphony, event
    • November 7th 2017 – POWER GÉNÉRATEURS, Bruit ne se taira pas vol.2 – Malagnou, Genève CH
      Harsh noise immersive live performance, event
daniel maszkowicz szkmd générateurs malagnou
Geneva – photo by Gerhard Brandt
  • July 28th 2017 – GÉNÉRATEURS, Norbergfestival 2017, Norberg SE
    Open-stage, live performance, soundcloud, event
  • July 13th 2017 – GÉNÉRATEURS, Vidéodrome 2, Marseille FR
    Live performance in quadriphony and introduction to live coding with SuperCollider, soundcloud, event
  • June 21st 2017 – GÉNÉRATEURS, Sonorectures – Chronophagology, Zona Mutante, Genève CH
    “Renaissance (Tentative)” 2e épisode du cycle de la consommation, live performance, vimeo, soundcloud, event
  • June 10th 2017 – GÉNÉRATEURS, Festival Vulvizare, ZAD Roybon FR
    Open-air live performance in quadriphony, soundcloud, event
  • February 1st 2017 – GÉNÉRATEURS, Cave 12, Genève CH
    “Tellurique Delay”, composition and live performance in quadriphony, soundcloud, event
  • November 11th 2016 – GÉNÉRATEURS, Galerie Meovco, Fribourg CH
    Vernissage de l’exposition de Bea “CHAIR”, live performance related to the exhibition, soundcloud, event
  • March 4th 2016 – GÉNÉRATEURS, Deviant Art Festival (DAF), Genève CH
    Audiovisual live performance in collaboration with Max Egger, soundcloud


    • September 27rd 2019 – COSMIC SLEEP, 30 ans de L’Usine, TU Théâtre de l’Usine, Geneva CH
      sleep concert marathon in collaboration with D.C.P
    • March 23rd 2019 – DANIEL MASZKOWICZ plays COSMIC SLEEP, Đáo Xuân Festival, Gầm Trời Valley, Vietnam
      4 hours performance with music for sleeping, part of MASZKOWICZ + SOUHARCE – SOUTH EAST ASIA TOUR
    • October 22nd 2018 – DANIEL MASZKOWICZ plays COSMIC SLEEP, Festival rêves & Illusions, espace H107, Geneva CH
      9 hours performance with music for sleeping, article, event
cosmic sleep rêves et illusions h107 maszkowicz
Festival Rêves et Illusions- Photo by Pierre Yves Cugni
  • March 25th 2018 – DANIEL MASZKOWICZ joue MYSTIQUE SOLFEGGIO, Deviant Art Festival (DAF), La Reliure, Genève CH
    pure brainwave sound performance, event


  • March 4rd 2018 – GÉNÉRATEURS, Wolfonium, Cinéma Oblo, Lausanne CH
    Composition for 25 channels acousmonium, soundcloud, event
wolfonium maszkowicz
Wolfonium – courtesy of Cinéma Oblo


    • June 14th 2019 – CARTE BLANCHE À DANIEL MASZKOWICZ, Cave 12, Geneva CH
      from 0 to 300 BPM to drone again, live collective performance with Kosmoscore, JMO / SOUHARCE, Daniel Cousido, NuR, Southpole, Revolver feat. Alessia, D.C.P et Ricardo Da Sliva, event
    • March 13th 2019 – Psychoacoustic drone immersion, Maispace, Chiang Mai, TH

part of Maszkowicz + Souharce South East Asia Tour 2019

emma souharce daniel maszkowicz maispace chiang mai
Emma Souharce and Daniel Maszkowicz – improvisation in Mai Space, Chiang Mai © Tommy B. Goode
    • November 13th 2018 – CLEMYDIA & MASZKOWICZ, NoiseInGrad #1, Le Rez – Usine – Geneva CH, event
noise in grad maszkowicz clemydia
Geneva – Photo by Olivier Jaquet
      showcase and album release, event
    • September 2018 – BOSTON NEW YORK TRI-STATE TOUR
      Three venues in three states for three days between Boston and New-York. Clemydia & Maszkowicz is a duo from Geneva – Switzerland, playing ambient drone, brainwaves and ASMR


      Seven artists from Japan, Vietnam, Australia and Switzerland performing in six venues in Hoà Bìhn, Hà Nội, Huế and Sài Gòn, with Nikola Mounoud, Kazehito Seki, Maszkowicz, Fu, Clemydia, Shayne Bowden and Dao Anh Khanh

    • July 2018 – FU, CLEMYDIA & MASZKOWICZ

      Total immersive experience in Taipei City, Macau, Hong Kong

    • May 20th 2018 – THE REDRUM SUSPENSION, USINE, Geneva CH
      4 hours uninterrupted noise/drone set by Gerhardt Brandt, Clemydia & Maszkowicz, event
    • February 10th 2018 – (DÉ)GÉNÉRATEURS: Rorcal vs Daniel Maszkowicz + Nag (Norway), Drone to the bone, Bunker Malagnou, Genève CH
      extreme drone metal live performance in collaboration with Rorcal, event
    • December 30th 2017 – GÉNÉRATEURS, Cosmic Spoutnik, Cinéma Spoutnik, Genève CH
      “cette Arche Ténue qui Nous relie au Générateurs”, audiovisual performance with cosmic visuals by Johann Bourquenez, soundcloud, youtube, event
Daniel maszkowicz Johann Bourquenez
Geneva – Cinéma Spoutnik
    • November 25th 2017 – CLEMYDIA & GÉNÉRATEURS, Sonorectures – Cadaverology, Zona Mutante, Genève CH
      “paléonoise”, composition and live performance, soundcloud, vimeo, event
    • June 21st 2017 – GÉNÉRATEURS, Biennale des espaces d’arts indépendants (BIG), Genève CH
      “Désastre(s)”, audio visual live performance orchestrated by Daniel Cousido, in collaboration with MEL, Púrpura, YINSH, Jean-Shlomo Balexert, Watergang and Akinetik, event
    • April 6th 2017 – SAINTE POSTE PUNK, Deviant Art Festival (DAF), La Reliure, Genève CH
      “Générateur de propagande”, Installation and live performance, event
    • Octobre 15th 2016 – GÉNÉRATEURS, Zona Mutante, Genève CH
      “Obsolescence programmée”, premier épisode du cycle de la consommation, live performance in collaboration with . . . (aka Nikola Mounoud), vimeo
générateur . . . zona mutante
Geneva – Photo by Mei Zhiyong
  • May 14th 2016 – SAINTE POSTE PUNK, Sonorectures, Zona Mutante, Genève CH
    “Générateur de propagande”, cabaret performance, vimeo, event
  • November 6th 2015 – SAINTE POSTE PUNK, Das Model Night, Cave 12, Genève CH
    “Je suis Das Model”, cabaret performance, vimeo


  • April 28th 2020 – Birds and Cars, Ups and downs, Half Confined Geneva City Center, The Sound Outside – Listening to the world at Covid-19 Time
    composition for online publishing project, web site, youtube
  • May 25th 2017 – La Voix de son maître, Ondulor#23, Walden, Genève CH
    composition and Live performance in quadriphony, soundcloud, youtube, event
  • November 16th 2016 – MeTroToKyo, Musik & Biblioteq, Écurie, Genève CH
    composition and live performance in quadriphony, soundcloud, event
  • August 18th 2016 – Une histoire sonore de la Pologne, Festivalvina, Genève CH
    composition and live audiovisual performance in quadriphony, in collaboration with Max Egger, soundcloud