Loïc Grobéty
Daniel Maszkowicz
Organismic synthesizer duo, hypnotic drone ambient, granular massive noise

It just takes a few steps to switch from grindcore to noise. Daniel – wicz and Loïc – olo, come from the underground, dusty roads and wet cellars. Both of them are originally bass players that went on their own ways in exploring electroacoustic and atonal music.

Their first encounter took place in the Vietnamese jungle at Dao Xuan Chin Festival in Hòa Bình. In the steaming tropical heat, surrounded by the sounds of multiple insects and reptiles, but also a 120dB roaring sound system, they decided to work together on the Lyra-8 by Soma. This iconic Russian synthesizer offers an organic and living approach to composition and improvisation.

Their approach to music is definitely powerful, contrasting, cinematographic and radical. A torrential storm turns into an industrial sonic blast confusing tropical and urban jungle, for a complex piece with crushed sounds in a deep drone.

  • May 23rd 2021, olo·wicz, Cave 12, Geneva CH
    Premiere as as support for MKM: Gunter Müller/Jason Kahn/Norbert Moslang