Covid-19 Pandemic Reader

What is the difference between data driven music and data sonification?

This piece does not answer the question but suggest a data hearing that intends to be both informative and musical.

We collect Covid-19 pandemic data available on the web from which we extract information for each country, the number of active cases is deduced and displayed visually on a plot showing total cases, deaths and recoveries. We are interested in the shape of the active cases curve, informing on the pandemic situation of a given country. A bell shaped curve indicates a well controlled situation whereas some countries are only at the beginning of it.

The sounds generated from the active cases have a pitch and pulse depending on the total number of cases. The amplitude follows the active cases curve to give an indication of its shape with a panning suggesting a timeline. The bassline indicates the beginning of a reading and illustrates the relative number of deaths related to total cases

The accuracy of this dataset in respect to real situations is subject to available information and governmental policies. Every single country has its own way to identifying occurred Covid-19 cases and causes of death in their population.

please use headphones for best hearing experience

Covid-19 Pandemic Reader
sonification by Daniel Maszkowicz
SZKMD production

COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University

first upload – 15th May 2020
second upgrade – 16th June 2020
third upgrade – 16th July 2020
fourth upgrade – 22nd August 2020
fifth upgrade – 17th October 2020
Last upgrade for One-Year Yubileum 22 January 2020- 21 January 2021

full code here: