An Immersive Psychoacoustic Sound Performance Featuring Scientific Data, Algorithms, Digital Interactions.

Scientist-artist Daniel Maszkowicz works on Python and SuperCollider, bringing Data of various origins to sounds. He uses digital function generators and data driven synthesizers for multi-channel soundtracks. As part of the performance, he gives a talk on the practice, demonstrating facts at the same time as mystifying the concept of data. Through words and sounds, through concepts and examples, data get beyond understanding, and the public get immersed in a subtle hypnosis of low-frequency beats and sonified brainwaves.

Data Sonification Release on Bandcamp

Daniel Maszkowicz (Daniel Siemaszko) is a Geneva-based research engineer, film programmer, multidisciplinary performer, composer and producer. Daniel Maszkowicz works with SuperCollider and with electrical machines that were once used in various laboratories. Co-founder of the electroacoustic jazz duo INFLUUT and electroacoustic duo Biblioteq Mdulair, his solo project KosmoSCore uses various types of sound immersions to create multichannel sound pieces.

Daniel Maszkowicz has presented his work internationally and has contributed to several original soundtracks and publications. He gives seminars with a view at the crossroads between science and art, involving the engineer and the artist. He has presented several sonifications of scientific data and autonomous sound installations with algorithmic musical compositions in several galleries.

  • May 18th 2024, Mapping Festival – Rituel Underground, Le Pneu, Vélodrome – Geneva
    Immersive Psychoacoustic Sound Performance
  • April 2nd – 20th 2024, China Vietnam Kosmos tour 2024
    Data Sonification performance in Hong Kong HK, Macau MO and Hanoï VN
  • → April 8th, Twenty Alpha, Hong Kong 香港 HK
  • → April 11th, Whisky Bar, Macau 澳門 MO
  • → April 20th, Harsh [REC], Hanoi Hà Nội VN
  • March 9th 2024, RöstiBrücke 2024 Electroacoustic Cabaret, Wurm – Basel
    Performative Conference on Data Noise
  • September 14th – 28th 2023, Data Sonification – Japan Tour September 2023
    Takamatsu, Okayama, Osaka, Tokushima, Chofu, Hiroshima, Sendai
  • → Sept 14th, TOONICE, Takamatsu JP
  • → Sept 15th, PepperLand, Okayama JP
  • → Sept 18th, environment 0g, Osaka JP
  • → Sept 19th, bar txalaparta, Tokushima JP
  • → Sept 25th, Cross, Chofu JP
  • → Sept 27th, JIMO.Cafe, Hiroshima JP
  • → Sept 28th, BirdLand, Sendai JP