“Electricity is what separates us from animals” – Thurston Moore

KosmoSCore·Blitz is a sound experiment for electric phenomena and electromagnetic fields. The setup features analogue electronic feedback, uncommon sensors and sometimes a tiny yet fierce sounding Tesla coil. Scientist-artist Daniel Maszkowicz creates immersive soundtracks somewhere between drones and power electronics, with a specific orientation towards the use of electricity.

Sometimes, Daniel Maszkowicz deploys his multichannel soundsystem with video and the project becomes Kosmosmonium.

Sometimes, Daniel Maszkowicz deploys his bigger Tesla Coil, and the project becomes FULGUR.

Daniel Maszkowicz (Daniel Siemaszko) is a Geneva-based research engineer, film programmer, multidisciplinary performer, composer and producer. Daniel Maszkowicz works with SuperCollider and with electrical machines that were once used in various laboratories. Co-founder of the electroacoustic jazz duo INFLUUT and electroacoustic duo BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR, his solo project KOSMOSCORE uses various types of brainwave immersions with multiple binaural effects.

Daniel Maszkowicz is also interested in the sonification of scientific data and autonomous sound installations. He has presented his work internationally and has contributed to several original soundtracks and publications. He gives seminars with a view at the crossroads between science and art, involving the engineer and the artist. He has presented several sound installations with algorithmic musical compositions in several galleries.

Kosmos Release on Bandcamp

  • April 2nd – 20th 2024, Vietnam China Kosmos Tour 2023
    KosmoSCore Blitz in Beijing, Cangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • → April 2nd, Raw Material Space 原料空间, Beijing 北京 CN
  • → April 3rd, No.75 河沿便利店, Cangzhou 沧州 CN
  • → April 5th, Festival A Bunch of Noise 把噪音 Shanghai 上海 CN
  • → April 7th, Fond De L‘Étang 池塘之底, Guangzhou 广州 CN
  • → April 10th brown sugar jar 红糖罐, Shenzhen 深圳 CN
  • March 16th 2024, KosmoSCore·Blitz – Daniel Maszkowicz, “Sunday noise concert and cakes”, Secret Place, Lausanne CH
    live music performance alongside Catatonic Leisure, Secratariat, Aly-X, Tzitzimime, zHz, MeVda, Kernal
  • July 28th – August 6th 2023, KosmoSCore·Blitz – Asia Tour 2023
    Maszkowicz’s sensory laboratory with his 16-channels mini acousmonium on tour in Seoul, Busan, Hsinchu, Tainan, Taipei, Hong Kong and Macau
  • → July 28th, dotolim, Seoul 서울 KR
  • → July 29th, VOID(0), Busan 부산 KR
  • → July 30th, Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo, Hsinchu 新竹 TW
  • → July 31st, 182artspace, Tainan 台南 TW
  • → August 2nd, outer pulsation – Внешняя Пульсация, Taipei 台北 TW
  • → August 4th, Twenty Alpha, Hong Kong 香港 HK
  • April 23rd 2023, KosmoSCore·Blitz – Daniel Maszkowicz, “Sunday noise concert and cakes”, Secret Place, Lausanne CH
    live music performance alongside BNSU, DCPxRicardo Silva, Panelak, Embrace Failure
  • February 25th 2023, KosmoSCore·Blitz – ethereal, Release
    Eyewitnesses – 433 Sounds, a release by Twenty Alpha, Hong Kong
  • December 11th 2022, KosmoSCore·Blitz – Daniel Maszkowicz, RonosTerabak#3 – goûter électroacoustique, Le Pneu, Geneva CH
    live music performance
  • May 12th-22st 2022, KosmoSCore·Blitz – Japan Tour 2022
    Psychoacoustics, feedbacks and electricity brought to Sapporo, Shibuya, Osaka, Kyoto, Shinjuku
  • → May 12th, Atmosphere, Sound Crue, Sapporo JP
  • → May 14th, groovebox8000, Forest limit, Tokyo JP
  • → May 20th, Discharge, Environment Zero-Gauge, Osaka JP
  • → May 21st, CITY KARAS2022 (noise/junk/cold dance), Socrates, Kyoto JP
  • → May 22nd, 時はきた それだけだ, Soup, Tokyo JP